CEO Statement

We greatly thank God for our success and all appreciation and loyalty to our beloved father (God bless his soul)

It is a great pleasure to witness Alouf travel has been making success and growth through the past decades.

We have managed ourselves in Alouf travel to provide the most recent and best tourism services all over the world thus we are one of the well-known companies in this field. We have achieved many accomplishments and success in the Egyptian market and with the biggest companies worldwide. Our achievement record is the best witness for the level of our services and aspiration to be one of the biggest global companies in the field of tourism and transportation.


With our belief in services development and the rapid changes that we see worldwide, our appreciation to our clients and success partners, we insist on offering all the support that they need to ensure their success. We are proud of our human resources department and our abilities which are the key factors to be one of the leaders in the tourism industry locally and globally.

We thank our clients for their great trust which they offered us and with all appreciation for our team who insist on success and doing all what they can do to achieve distinctive positive results.9