Porto Sokhna  has the best sun and the most beautiful atmosphere in Sokhna

Stay with your family in Porto Sokhna, the best area in Porto Sokhna

(Pool View):

(Only for 200 LE) per day per person

(Sea View)

Only for (240 LE) per day per person

The price is for renting an apartment for one night

The apartment\ chalet suits up to 5 people and two children. It consists of: 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms + kitchen + large reception

Each Chalet must have at least 4 persons

Offer includes: -:

1- Accommodation in Porto Sokhna Hotel

2 – Enjoy accommodation in the chalets (sea view or (Pool View)

3 – Enjoy sitting in Porto Sokhna beach and using chairs and sun loungers

4- Use swimming pool inside Porto

  1. Use the area for kids erea and other activities for children
  2. Enjoy the animation show at the hotel

7 – Enjoy tours in Porto Sokhna walkway


Specially marked for groups: Breakfast (50LE per person) – Dinner (75 LE per person)

The offer is valid for a limited period until April 4th



Total Reservations: 0

Number of adults: 0

Number of children: 0

Double Room Price

200 Per person per day

Available departures

Available for booking through contacting the company
Unfortunately, no places are available on this tour at the moment


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